Please Read - Important 2020 Updates

Hello Everyone! How are you? We hope all of you are staying safe during this Global Pandemic (Covid19) and practicing your best possible social-distancing measures as well as quarantin-ing even though the country is slowly but surely reopening.

***We are here with some updates about your favorite slides!***

First we would like to say "Thank You" for all the support throughout the time we have been in business during the beginning, building and growing stages. This has not been the easiest journey for us, but we are determine to keep bringing the best possible items with great customer-service and quality!

Moving along - We are proud to announce that after almost two years of running and selling our first product, Zodiac Slides; that we have officially placed our FIRST restock-order to accommodate all our existing & new customers as well as all potential orders coming in the future.

Now what exactly does that mean? It means that we got rid of all the size 5s, limited size 6s, ordered more 7s, 8s, and WAY MORE 9 through 11 sizes!!!!

  • Unfortunately, we tried our best the create women 12s and 13s but we were not sure if the quality of the sandal would be the same as the original, so we scraped it all together. We will try our BEST to come up with something for women with larger feet.
  • Men: We were so close to having something for you guys but ran into a few challenges too. But it will happen. God-willing.
  • More Items In The Works Too!
  • Restock Coming Soon!

Sizing: Our slides are *TRUE TO SIZE* and narrow. So if your feet are on the wider-scale please go UP a SIZE!!!! IF you do not like your slides to fit *perfectly* please go UP a SIZE!!!!

Once again, thank you for your continued support and interest.

- Zodiac Slides: "representing your sign, one slide at a time."

P.S. - No Emails. We Do Not Check Them That Often! Need To Get Into Contact With Us; Please Text Us: (754) 202 - 8360