About Us


Thank you for your interest in Zodiac Slides!

  • Who are we?

We are a new Black-Owned apparel company, based out of South Florida, with slides (sandals) being our first of many products, to introduce us into the industry. Currently, the focus is on women but we are in the process of creating some Zodiac Slides for men. Ted, the owner, is still a little salty that the women were first. [ "Don't worry men, I'm gonna create something DOPE for US!" - Ted ]

  • What are Zodiac Slides?

Zodiac Slides are the first of its kind and never done before type of sandal. An all black sandal with a black strap that says the name of each zodiac sign from Jan - Dec. On the top of the strap there's a bold pink font inspired by Beyonce's "BEYONCE" self-title album that broke the internet, 2013.

  • When was Zodiac Slides created?

Zodiac Slides was just a *mere thought* in the month of April. April 22nd, to be exact. But was made into fruition October, 22nd, 2018.

  • Why?

"Mr. Salty," Ted, loves birthdays! He loves them so much that he personally calls you on your birthday and sings "Happy Birthday" (very poorly) for his friends or loved ones. On top of that, he's an avid social-media user and noticed how much women referred to their "zodiac sign" on a daily basis. Whether it being for love, work, failed-relationships/friendships and just overall LIFE in general. So he combined his LOVE for birthdays & women and their love for Beyonce and their sign to created this fresh-ass, dope-ass product.


- Zodiac Slides

"Representing Your Sign, One Slide At A Time."